“The Surveyor” A Vision of Tomorrow - Small


Size: 13.5 inches (1.125 ft) width and depth 20 inches (1.6 ft) tall on granite turntable *Approximate weight 35 pounds*

Material: Bronze * Metal Composition Available Upon Request * Custom patina finishes available. Includes sandblasted, dark brown granite turntable.

Ideal for celebrating the role that surveyors and engineers play in our past, present, and future lives around indoor office spaces, museums, and public gathering locations.

Series of 30 Bronze Editions - 14 available

Sculpture, Materials, and Labor Made in the USA


12 weeks within the US: UPS shipping method, insured, boxed, and foamed in place. International depending on location/shipping method.

Why survey? Why honor the surveyor?
A surveyor, surveys to offer you a sacred place, a place to be secure, to make home, to realize your dream.
— Dave LaMure Jr.

About Dave LaMure Jr.

Dave LaMure Jr. lives in the Magic Valley of Idaho where the Great Basin meets the southern cliffs of the Snake River. Dave has worked with clay since he was twelve years old. Since that time, he has developed an art uniquely his own from monumental public bronze sculptures to large oil canvases. Dave's innovative style of sculpting vessels is new to the world of clay and bronze. Proof that Sofia Loren awarded him best of show and a kiss, that is a high honor. The fine art of bas-relief, size and detail of each piece is unknown before. Look for a manifestation of feeling, heart, form, movement, composition and value.