Dave’s Bio

Dave LaMure Jr.Dave LaMure Jr. lives in southern Idaho with his inspirational family. Dave has worked with clay for the last twenty-four years. During that time, he has developed an art uniquely his own. Dave’s innovative style of painting, sculpting and altering vessels is new to the world of clay. The fine art, size and detail of each piece is a bold approach using the Raku process. “I want to show the symbiotic relationship between the vessel and the way it is altered, much like all living things and the earth.

LaMure has mastered his fine art with innovative techniques of raku firing. “LaMure’s work is a refreshing approach to an age-old firing technique,said James Woods, director of the Herrett Museum and Center for Arts. “While many modern potters use low-fire raku for its simple and spontaneous appearance, David has managed to successfully mix the warmth and softness of the technique with a contemporary concern for bold forms. LaMure’s forms are huge, dynamic and commanding.

Dave’s well-deserved recognition in the art world is derived from his expertise in capturing fine wildlife art and contemporary designs on exceptional forms. His detailed artwork is all hand painted with glazes which go through the firing process. “I have drawn from a combination of higher educational experiences in pottery, sculpture, drawing, painting and design classes. Combining art forms together has taken years of trial and error, but has given Dave’s pieces the identity of art on the cutting edge.

LaMure’s expertise and talent in the complicated techniques, has made his artwork investments for collectors. Each piece is different and are all personal creations– there are no molds, prints, or copies. All of Dave’s work is signed and numbered. Increasing demands have kept Dave busy with private installations and commission pieces. He has a large number of repeat customers that continue to collect his work.