Bulls of the Firehole

Copyright © Dave LaMure Jr. Studios. All rights reserved.

30″ H x 16″ W  This is a limited edition bronze with only an edition of 8 vessels.

Dreamer’s Dance


30″ H x 14″ W



  Bronze Vessel

Stirring the Spirit


Stirring the Spirit 26″ H. X 16″ W

Yellowstone Brothers

Copyright © Dave LaMure Jr. Studios. All rights reserved.

      26 H x 8.6 W

Venus II


26″ H. X 15″ W

Shoot for the Moon


    24″ H. X 16″ W. On December 21, 1886, (133 years ago) the last time the full moon on the winter solstice occurred, an officer in the United States Army in South Dakota was killed with his company of eighty men. He had boasted that with a company of men he could ride [...]

Sage Urn


  19″ H. X 12″ W. Sage is considered a sacred plant by indigenous people–smudging through burning of the sage plant creates a smoke which is used for a cleansing and purification of the spirit. This burnished urn includes the ancient spiral symbol of fertility and exponentiality that ones’ life creates.

Blue Buffalo Ghost Dance


30″ H. X 18″ W. The intention of the ghost dancers show a whimsical portrayal of their dance inside the vessel which captures the spirit of the buffalo rising after falling from a cliff.



  22″ H. X 16.5″ W. Advanced bone tools and bone art developed in Europe about 40,000 years ago. Archeologist’s consider bone working a marker in modern human behavior. The bone awl enabled humans to sew hides, work clothing and thrive in cooler climates. Coeur d’Alene translation and namesake came from the French and Indian [...]