Arna Bee Photography

Arna Bee

Arna Bee has been a dear friend of the family as well as a fearless blossoming inspiration to myself and I’m imagining to herself also. She carries with her a powerful story that seems to give her the ability to be a colorful sparkle even in black and white-Arna Bee Photography. With the experience of […]

Bronze ~ Foundry work on Dreamer’s Dance


    The Dreamer’s Dance Bronze vessel was originally created in a water based clay. The artwork and manipulation of the clay shows off the altering of the clay that was pliable at one time. It was then fired in the kiln and the molding process for bronze begins. This is the kiln heating the […]

In Progress – Glass Sculpture

This process gives me the ability to create this sculpture in stone, bronze or glass.

The Raku Process


The natural world is usually an orderly place. Seasons flow into another, the moon, stars, and planets follow predictable paths; and death fuels rebirth just as surely as seedlings sprout in a fire-charred forest. But sometimes, nature is uncertain. Accidents occur. Patterns are broken. The results can be cataclysmic or captivating, or sometimes both. Pottery, […]